Camille Yannantuono (Switzerland)

Camille Yannantuono started training in gymnastic when she was 9 years old, competing for the Girls Club in Santa Barbara Ca. It wasn't until her last year in high school when she joined a Lindy Hop team, called the Swing Kids.



A versatile dancer, after graduating high school she spent 1 year as a college cheerleader and than headed out to join the Marine Corps, it wasn't until her last year in the Marines in 2001 that Camille was introduced to Salsa. Camille along with her partner started their team "Positive Energy" in Jan of 2005. They decided to make it a dance company to allow for their love of fusion dancing- Currently they have a Salsa/Argentine Tango, Bachata, Salsa/Waltz and currently they are working on a Salsa/West Coast swing routine. Camille met Ross Todorovic in Buenos Aires, Argentina when she was training in Argentine Tango and currently trains and performs with El Studio Tango and is loving the new adventure.

She performed and taught all over the United States and toured to teach teach in Europe and Australia.

Camille joined Rodney Rodchata Aquino and toured all over Europe teaching bachata dancing. Camille has toured in United States, Holland, Ireland, and Switzerland. Camille is also featured in 7 instructional DVD in Bachata, Salsa, Bachata Tango and Argentine Tango. She now lives in Switzerland.

She is currently the manager of the largest bachata festival in the world, San Francisco Bachata Festival.