Ryan Rockstar - SF

Ryan "The Bachata Rockstar" has dedicated his heart and soul to both Bachata and Salsa, and went from simply doing moves to deeply feeling rhythm and music. From turning his partners to turning heads, and from simply grasping Bachata to being one of the driving forces towards everyone being their own Rockstar on the floor.

Ryan's workshops and lessons focus on unlocking a dancer’s inner presence and style. Every person is different, so he teaches techniques to help his students find what works for them, and more importantly what FEELS the best. He has been traveling all over the USA, showing off the style and flair that comes from deep personal connection and a passion for Bachata that is truly inspiring. He has been a teacher and coach all his life, and nurturing joy for dance is something that gives him so much happiness. He is a giving and caring person, but he also knows that you earn what you make in this world. His lessons are challenging. You will be pushed, but you will also grow and have fun doing it.

His performances have been described as creative and emotional, and constantly pushing the boundaries of what Bachata can be. He utilizes all the tools the stage has to offer, drawing inspiration from numerous dance forms, stories, presentations, and music to weave a show that stretches preconceived concepts and taps into a primal side of ourselves. It is his hope that you will be swept up in the emotion, the story, the majesty, and the power of his shows. He is a "Rockstar" in every form of the word.