Demetrio Rosario - LA

Demetrio Rosario (aka Soo Naasty) is a dancer and instructor of Dominican decent and lives in Los Angeles, California. He was exposed to Bachata and Merengue at an early age by listening to the music at home, family events, and parties which brought him closer to his love for the music.

Demetrio grew up being really active and followed his passion for sports from the age of 6 but re-discovered his passion for dance at the age of 18. He began taking salsa lessons with Ashkan Jabarianha, who helped him improve his timing, technique and musicality. In 2005, he joined Candela Pura Dance Company, led by Miguel Aguirre and his father (Francisco Aguirre). "Traveling and performing locally inspired me to improve my dancing after seeing so many great dancers and performers," he remembers.

Demetrio is known for his unique smooth/sensual way of dancing and is now a Director of the training team at Que Rico Dance Co. directed by Jorge Contreras. Demetrio was a part of Bachata Caliente Dance Company for 2 years where he had much of his training by Jorge Contreras and Leslie Ferreira. "Being a member of Bachata Caliente has helped me take my dancing and teaching to the next level," he says. Demetrio continues to dance and perform, focusing on teaching "Sensual Dominican Style" Bachata and Salsa. "Sooo Naaasty!"