Who'll Be There?

Arden Ebalo, Los Angeles and Orange County
· Started dancing Salsa in 2006 and Bachata 2007. Really got into Bachata early 2010.
· Current resident Bachata instructor at The Granada (Alhambra), Salchata instructor at Vasilios Club (Downey) and Quest Dance Studio, the home of America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3 Champions “Quest Crew”
· Director of his own dance team called QUEST SALCHATA CREW – who’s performed in various local hot spots, Monterey and Arizona.

Jo Quinones has Latin Rhythms flowing through her veins. Having a mother from the Dominican Republicand a father from Puerto Rico she was raised being surrounded by different dance forms all of her life beginning with Ballet, Puerto Rican folklore and jazz at the early age of 5.

A versatile artist, Jo continued her study of dance by training in ballroom and Latin dance forms before becoming a professional in 1997. Soon after becoming an instructor, she managed the studio for two years. After leaving Arthur Murray Dance Studio she became an independent instructor holding group and private lessons all around the Inland Empire. Her passion for acting also led her to become a member of the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

She is currently an Assistant Director in the Otero Dance Co. In June of 2002, she formed Afeenix Dance Co., an energetic group successfully dominating the Inland Empire. Her stage and television credits include salsa congresses in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Puerto Rico, and special appearances at the Asian International Telecommunications Expo, Telemundo, Univision, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and CBS. She has been an invited guest performer at Cancun's Club Med and South Carolina's Sea Brook Island. She had tavelled all over the world teaching bachata and salsa.

DJ Guelas (pronounced “Geh-Luss”) is one of the most prominent personalities in the African immigrant entertainment community, with fifteen years of experience in spinning music. His collaborations are a who’s who list of the Afro-zouk and Kizomba world of celebrities. Some of these notable names include Kaysha, Nelson Freitas, Ali Angel and Susana Lubrano. Guelas is an award nominated international DJ. From Lisbon and Rome to San Francisco and Washington, D.C., Guelas has attracted fans from across the globe with his diverse and exciting DJing sets.


The best kept secret in the California valley for many years now is Gabi and Lupe's salsa and bachata classes.  They have a versatile style of Latin dancing. They have taught in Seattle, Reno and San Francisco dance festivals. New York Style On2 and Bachata are their expertise and had been teaching workshops all over the country. Recently, they have been featured teaching bachata dance on TV.

Having been taught by numerous dance masters in the world, Miguel Zaragoza is a versatile dancer. He is the Co-Founder of Bachata ConMigo In Sacramento, a popular once-a-month bachata social. He has performed and taught at the 2010 Reno Festival and 2011 SF Bachata Festival. He is currently the resident DJ at Davis Graduate Nightclub in Davis, CA

Who We Are.

JASDANCE ACADEMY is the groundbreaking YOGA DANCE & FITNESS STUDIO in Sonoma County, now at our "NEW" location, 3181 Cleveland Ave. Santa Rosa, CA. JASDANCE Academy has longstanding roots in the Santa Rosa and Sononma County community. The company was founded by Jose A. Santamaria in 2001 as a way to express culture and art through movement. Adventure, passion and the joy of moving were key ingredients to the core philosophy of "JAS".

In 2001, our first class was held for FREE at the Boys and Girls Club in Healdsburg, CA. The vision, to creat stronger ties between the diverse cultural communities through dance. By introducing youths and adults to the beauty of ethnic dances, we teach the essence of teamwork, self-expression, and a positive attitude. "Community Unity through Dance"

Carlos Rodriguez born in Dominican Republic into a family of artists, musicians and dancers, and he is currently living in Rome. From attending an early age he shows his interest in music and dancing, at thirteen he began to study dance, the 'Academy' la casa de la cultura "of Santo Domingo, directed by the great Cuban teacher" Eladio Ramirez Valdes. In 1990 he started to attend theatrical events, musical performances, festivals, dance competitions.

Magdalena is Liuzza-Polish-Italian origin started to dance from an early age. Her adventure with dance began to dance Socia Dancel, performed at many dance competitions. She met Carlos and they started dancing together. They have created their own style of modern bachata with dominican taste.

Dani Dee aka Daniela, is an international performing artist, dancer and choreographer, recognized worldwide as one of the most loved entertainers with a charismatic personality from Italy and now currently living in Florida.

She was born and raised in Italy where at the age of six started her artistic training dancing Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary for many years and performed in several theatre shows. She also studied Acting and Singing. She began traveling at a very young age, developing her interest for adventures and other languages. She now speaks English, Italian, French and Spanish. In 1997 Dani moved to London for 6 years and partnered up with bachata pioneer Tony Lara.  She specialized in Latin Dances (Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Reggaeton) and traveled all over the world teaching and performing. Her love for dance, music and different cultures also prompted her to explore and study other world dances such as Belly Dancing, Brazilian Samba, Zouk and Kizomba.

Dani has now developed a strong name for herself for being a dancer with great grace and elegance yet on the flip of a coin extremely funky and versatile. In London she was exposed to Magic, mastering the art of Quick Change, Linking Rings and Comedy mixed with Magic. Nowadays she is known for being a great all-round performer! Her shows are very creative, diverse and fun to watch, leaving crowds smiling and entertained everywhere she performs!

Demetrio Rosario (aka Soo Naasty) is a dancer and instructor of Dominican decent and lives in Los Angeles, California. He was exposed to Bachata and Merengue at an early age by listening to the music at home, family events, and parties which brought him closer to his love for the music.

Demetrio grew up being really active and followed his passion for sports from the age of 6 but re-discovered his passion for dance at the age of 18. He began taking salsa lessons with Ashkan Jabarianha, who helped him improve his timing, technique and musicality. In 2005, he joined Candela Pura Dance Company, led by Miguel Aguirre and his father (Francisco Aguirre). "Traveling and performing locally inspired me to improve my dancing after seeing so many great dancers and performers," he remembers.

Demetrio is known for his unique smooth/sensual way of dancing and is now a Director of the training team at Que Rico Dance Co. directed by Jorge Contreras. Demetrio was a part of Bachata Caliente Dance Company for 2 years where he had much of his training by Jorge Contreras and Leslie Ferreira. "Being a member of Bachata Caliente has helped me take my dancing and teaching to the next level," he says. Demetrio continues to dance and perform, focusing on teaching "Sensual Dominican Style" Bachata and Salsa. "Sooo Naaasty!"

Ryan "The Bachata Rockstar" has dedicated his heart and soul to both Bachata and Salsa, and went from simply doing moves to deeply feeling rhythm and music. From turning his partners to turning heads, and from simply grasping Bachata to being one of the driving forces towards everyone being their own Rockstar on the floor.

Ryan's workshops and lessons focus on unlocking a dancer’s inner presence and style. Every person is different, so he teaches techniques to help his students find what works for them, and more importantly what FEELS the best. He has been traveling all over the USA, showing off the style and flair that comes from deep personal connection and a passion for Bachata that is truly inspiring. He has been a teacher and coach all his life, and nurturing joy for dance is something that gives him so much happiness. He is a giving and caring person, but he also knows that you earn what you make in this world. His lessons are challenging. You will be pushed, but you will also grow and have fun doing it.

His performances have been described as creative and emotional, and constantly pushing the boundaries of what Bachata can be. He utilizes all the tools the stage has to offer, drawing inspiration from numerous dance forms, stories, presentations, and music to weave a show that stretches preconceived concepts and taps into a primal side of ourselves. It is his hope that you will be swept up in the emotion, the story, the majesty, and the power of his shows. He is a "Rockstar" in every form of the word.

Edwin and Daniela are the directors Latin Fusion and Expression Dancers LLC (LFX Dancers) Performance Team and Instructors at the JoelSalsa Latin Dance School. They are professional dancers, instructors, choreographers, as well as dance teachers for public and private school in New York City for ages K-12. They have an on-going bachata class every Friday in what is now considered the biggest weekly bachata party in the world, Bachateame Mama in NYC organized by Edwin and DJ Alejandro.

Dani and Edwin have performed and taught in various dance congresses and festival, have gone on tour with popular music artists including Kiko Rodriguez, Andy Andy, Alex Wayne, Luis Miguel Del Amargue, Los Hermanos Rosario, Lumidee, Kat De Luna, Henry Santos (Aventura), Carlito's Way & Crazy Design (Los Teke Teke). They have worked in various cities in the U.S. including; New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Providence, Boston, Dallas, Houston, and many more. LFX Dancers has also been featured as either dancers and/or choreographers in various music videos with artists such as Lumidee, Naiah, JC, Alex Wayne, Kiko Rodriguez, amongst others. They continue to do seasonal work with various artists in the music industry and scout for dancers of all genres and other dance companies to be part of these projects.

Daniela and Edwin now teach student’s young and old around the U.S. the art of many dance styles including; salsa, hip-hop, merengue, lyrical, modern, jazz, ballet and the now in demand, bachata, amongst other dance forms. Daniela is a all-around Certified Zumba (R) Instructor, Zumba Basics, and Zumbatomic for kids. Edwin is a New York State Licensed Educator with 9+ years experience and Tenure, a song writer and composer registered with ASCAP. Edwin and Daniela continue to captivate the U.S. with their unique style and amazing dance partnership. In fact in 2012 they have been nominated for multiple Dance Awards in the U.S. hosted by Rodney Aquino of the Reno bachata Festival the awards include, Best New Teachers, Best bachata Instructors, Best Choreographers, and Best Performing Couple, amongst other categories.

Edwin and Daniela teach one of the most popular bachata classes in New York City hosted by JoelSalsa. JoelSalsa offers 3 Levels of bachata; bachata Beginner (Bootcamp 1 & 2), Advanced Beginner (Modern/Urban Style), and Intermediate (Traditional Dominican Style bachata). Ed and Dani's teaching style stands out from the rest as he places less focus on numbers and more focus on the sounds of the instruments bongo, bass, and lead guitar (requinto), teaching students to listen and feel while they express themselves in a fun energetic environment, musicality above everything. This comes from Edwin's profession and college degrees as a musician and educator.

In 2013, they were honored by being chosen as bachata Ambassadors and Dance Specialists to be featured in the Howcast bachata Series. Howcast, “the world leading source for fun, free, and useful how-to videos and guides.” Ed and Dani’s services include performances, choreographies for music videos, weddings, sweet 16’s, corporate events, private classes, group classes, workshops, and more, their goal is to take their love passion for dance to a global market to share and teach students around the world the wonderful and expressive art form of dance. You can continue to support Daniela, LFX Dancers, and Dani and Edwin in their journey around the world by learning more about them, following them on Facebook and YouTube as well as their websites danielagrosso.com and edwinferreras.com

To learn more of their dance company visit www.lfxdancers.com, for their party search Bachateame Mama @ Club Cache NYC, and to find their classes visit www.joelsalsa.co

Kathy Reyes grew up developing an incredible passion and talent for dancing. She began her dance training at El Camino College in 2007. It was within this program that she discovered the intensity and adrenaline transmitted through her performance. In 2008 she became a member of Tropical Rhythm Dance Company directed by Luis Aguilar. He assisted Kathy in improving her skills and expanding her ability as a performer. During her involvement as a member of Tropical Rhythm, she had the opportunity to tour for various salsa congresses and competitions.

The following year, she began to express herself with the passionate and tender feeling that Bachata transmits throughout her soul. Kathy went full force and began to acquire national attention after winning her first Bachata competition in Los Angeles, and obtaining second place and 3rd place in Bachata at the World Latin Dance Cup, 2010, 2012.

She truly captivates the hearts of many when she sets foot onto the dance floor and is defined as “Short, Smooth and Sexy” [SSS]! No doubt that her talent is a true gift from God and a blessing for others: dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart takes one to a whole different level.

DJ Kenny has been in the dance scene for quite a while. He had done everything; competed, performed and taught. These days he is the Main DJ of several popular club venues in Los Angeles, GRANADA,HACIENDA, just to name a few. DJ Kenny is responsible for bringing Bachata artists to Los Angeles; Kiko Rodriguez, Cojunto Afro Son, just to name a few.
Orlando Valle had been dancing, competing, DJing, teaching salsa and bachata for over a decade! He currently hosts a successful weekly bachata social in San Francisco.

With 15 years of cummulative dance experience, Jimmy "JSmooth" Bui has had formal university education in dance for four years during which time he was educated in Body Mechanics, Physics, and Dance Showcase Performance. He has applied that experience through instruction and performances during his career as a dance studio owner and instructor for J Smooth Salsa. Since 1997 his experience includes 2 years of ballroom dance, 15 years of Salsa dance, 5 years of Bachata dance, 1 year of competitive dancing, and 10 years of professional dance instruction.

Jimmy never once thought he would be Salsa dancer, or any dancer for that matter. He took one introductory dance class because his best friend told him he should or else be the awkward groom at his own wedding. Today, the former, shy high-school band player, now a successful entrepreneur, leads one of San Jose's successful non-profit organizations.

In 1999 Jimmy began to take salsa lessons from instructors in the bay area. Rather than sticking to just one instructor, he educated himself with classes from a variety of instructors very early on. Lessons offered from dancers such as Josie Neglia, Alex D'Silva, Jake Jacobs, and Jean-Carlo helped shape a dance style that was unique to him.

Since August 2002, Jimmy has been an instructor of Salsa and Bachata dance at his startup non-profit, J Smooth Salsa. Based at the Miraido Studio in San Jose, he has made many contributions to his community by offering free dance lessons, donating time and money to various organizations, participating in youth guidance programs, and supporting many of his peer dance instructors through assistance or advertising.

In 2007 Jimmy began to take Bachata lessons from Bachata pioneer Rodney Rodchata Aquino. The years of experience have enabled to dance all forms of Bachata which include Dominican, Modern, and Traditional while teaching his own style of Bachata.

Now a seasoned dance instructor and entrepreneur, Jimmy devotes his attention to judging and guest dance instructions at dance festivals.

Emelie has an extensive dance background teaching and performing dance for over 20 years. She has studied and taught many types of dance including:

Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha, Ballet, Jazz, Hula, Hip Hop, Filipino Folk Dancing, Swing, etc.

Emelie has been teaching salsa and Latin social dancing for over 11 years (since 2000) when she co-founded the Yemaya Salsa Dance Company in Sacramento, California. It is her mission to promote and educate through dance and to share her passion of dancing to the community. Her dance company, Yemaya, is now widely recognized and well-known in the Sacramento community and has made numerous appearances performing and teaching throughout the area.

Aside from being the first organize to bring Bachata Festival in the USA, Rodney is also the co-organizer of the very first Dominican Republic Bachata Festival in Santo Domingo.

A top organizer of bachata festivals all over and with over 150,000 subscribers in his newsletter and over 30,000 friends combined in myspace, twitter, tribe and facebook, Rodney Rodchata Aquino is a popular Latin Dance instructor, promoter and lecturer in the world. He was the first man in history to ever organize the very 1st international bachata festival in USA (Reno Bachata Convention, SF Bachata Festival), and co-organize Lithuanian Bachata Festival, DC Bachata Congress, and soon in Hawaii, Seattle and Puerto Vallarta. Solely responsible for revolutionizing bachata dance in USA, RODCHATA, as bachateros intimately calls him, has been in the Latin Dance scene for over 15 years and is considered the foremost authority in the bachata dance, both Dominican and Modern styles. He recently launched his much awaited dance DVD line up, Latin Dance Stimulus, a 5-volume of dance instructional DVDs of bachata, salsa and merengue.
A certified instructor, his dance background includes Latin International Ballroom, salsa (on1, on2 mambo, and Cuban son, Casino), cumbia, chachacha, merengue and bachata. His first encounter of the bachata dance was in the New York area in the 90’s. He embarked himself into dancing bachata and studying the culture and since revolutionized bachata dancing in USA and the world.

He is the founder of the Salsagang.com (MySalsaNetwork), a dance website that revolutionized salsa dancing in the Bay Area. He also founded iBachata.net, and Rodchata.com that produces successful events such as Annual Reno Intl Bachata Convention, Annual San Francisco Bachata International Festival, Club Bachata and Havanisimo events. He had the opportunity to teach the Latin Dance at major events all over Europe, Asia, Australia, USA and beyond. Aside from teaching all over the world, he also teaches regular bachata and salsa classes all over the Bay Area.

Rodchata has MA in Counseling Psychology and is presently a PhD student. He is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer and holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in the Martial Arts. His experience in the Martial Arts for 20 years and his background in Fitness Training plays a vital role on his effectiveness as a dance teacher.